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SERI is a voluntary organization registered as a Public Charitable Trust Under Indian Trust Act Of 1882


Trustee's Message


It is a matter of immense pleasure for me in having been associated with the Socio Economic Research Institute (SERI), a voluntary organization committed to impart livelihood skills and opportunities to the vast underprivileged and deprived component of population of India. I have been a vivid admirer of SERI’s initiatives in its endeavour to provide educational, vocational and social upheaval activities through awareness campaigns for the weaker sections of the society, especially the backward class in India. SERI is also doing commendable work for the empowerment of women-folk, especially the girl child through its welfare initiatives specific to rural population. SERI has a vast data base of marginalized and physically challenged population with a view to ensure reach out of benefits of welfare programmes to the deserving beneficiaries under various Central and State Government sponsored schemes. SERI has also been actively participating in the welfare activities during the COVID19 global pandemic by optimum disbursements and utilization of CSR Funds from the Public and Private Sectors. I am confident that SERI will go a long way in fulfilling its objective of meeting out not only the livelihood aspects but also in ensuring a feeling of self-esteem in lives of the poor in India. I wish the organization all success in their future endeavours.

Dr. Manu K. Vora
Principal Advisor, SERI & President, Blind Foundation for India, USA President, Business Excellence, Inc., USA


I have been faced with many challenges in my lifespan,but I have chosen not to be consumed with past actions,failures and mistakes,rather I have focussed on what laid ahead. I have always endeavored to find ways and constantly being motivated to reach my goals,even when face with faiures. one must take responsibility for one's actions and find a way out even in advertisies in life. I try not to indulge in the blame game,rather I try to see the best in others and encourage them to bring the best out of them. I also endeavor to always find solutions to situations and circumstances,because things won't go the way we expect them to. In order to achieve a holistic perspective and to acquire knowledge about a matter,the willingness to listening to the advice of others plays an important role.I am eager to listen and developed this practice into my habit. To get better results and to focus on doing what is necessary in lif,adaptability is the key to survival.Also, knowing when to go is a significant factor of growth and acceptance. To get better results and to focus on doing what is necessary in life, adaptability is the key to survival.Also, knowing when to let go is a significant factor of growth and acceptance. Our values become a guiding factor in helping to achieve the desired goals and adopting character. These are a few attributes of life i have grown with and been able to achieve whatever little .I have to be benificial for those in need. I,through my organization,have always endeavored to my work for the cause of the vulnerable sections of society in order to bring tranformation in their lives.

Mr. Shubh kant
Managing Trustee

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